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Church Website Design

Most churches have a website. But you want one that stands out – the right way. Your church website design becomes a digital reflection of who you are and what you do. Your endgame is to make sure the reflection is polished and accurate. Here’s what we do:



The first and most important element of a church website design that works is design that works. You want to steer clear of confusing layouts, tons of text, and superfluous details. Focus on simplicity and appeal.


Who wants to visit a church for the first time without knowing what they’re getting into? Give your visitors an accurate and concise idea of what to expect by including professional photos of your worship service, a short video that visually summarizes a typical Sunday, and most importantly, audio or video sermon downloads so visitors can get a feel for the teaching at your church.



One of the fastest and best ways to ensure that your website meets your church’s unique needs is to update it yourself. This means there’s no third-party designer or admin between you and updated content. It also makes instant changes possible if you need to move an event, update parents who are picking up kids, or simply have an error that needs correcting. Once your site is launched, you’ll have total control! And in case you come across any bumps along the way, we’ll be here to help!


Statistics show that somewhere between 20-30% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. That makes mobile-friendly websites a must and your church’s website is too important to be the exception. With Ekko, not only will your site look beautiful, but it will be sure to function wonderfully on mobile devices.


Stay current and stay focused. Avoid having outdated event content, calendars, and particularly, staff directories. Always be sure that what is offered on your website is a reflection of what is actually happening at your church. Check regularly with departments to make sure that whoever is in charge of updating is doing it frequently.
[pullquote align=”right”]”A church website design is about more than just information transfer. Rather, it communicates to the outside world the spirit and vision of a local church.”
Geoff Chang
Hinson Church


It may seem simplistic, but there’s no substitute for answering the Five W’s in a relevant and presentable fashion. Both visitors and regular attenders need to know when services are, who is leading, what is being taught, where it’s happening, and why any particular event is significant to your church body. This also includes a straightforward staff page and simple directions to your facility.


It is vital that you allow people coming to your website to follow, share, and spread the word about what’s going on at your church. This is accomplished by linking Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo or other video services, as well as links to blogs, partnering non-profits, and event centers.


With the right design, frequently updated & compelling content, and friendliness to your audience, your church website can act as a powerful front door and a fulfilling return experience for your congregants. Let Ekko help you accomplish this today!

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