The NEW These Numbers Have Faces Website

We seriously love the new These Numbers Have Faces website. In fact, we love it so much we’re ready to say it’s the best website we’ve ever created, and we dare you to find a better non-profit website in Portland. Below are a few things that really make a difference for us.

It’s Fully Responsive

“Responsive” means the website adjusts to the size of any screen. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, the site will look like it was made just for your device.


Interactive Maps

With Africa feeling like a world away, it’s hard to get a grasp on where These Numbers Have Faces works and what makes these places so special. The interactive maps on each country’s page allow you to explore the areas of where their students live, work, and serve while they participate in the These Numbers program.


Meet An Investor

Not only does TNHF want you to get to know the amazing students who are part of the TNHF family, but they believe that each investor isn’t just a “number” either. We love seeing the faces of real people who are compelled to invest in the very real future of these young lives in Africa.


Infographics Galore

Lets face it, we all love infographics. In fact, some would argue they are the best way to present information on the internet. TNHF does a fantastic job presenting to you why they work in Africa and the incredible impact that’s been made so far.


Africa Rising Slideshow

TNHF isn’t about guilting you into giving by showing sad faces and images of despair. They want to share a story of hope and opportunity. So they put together a list of 10 Ways Africa is Rising to show the truth of a continent on the move.


The Story Is Captivating…So The Site Is Too.

It doesn’t take much time reading the stories and seeing the promising faces before your heart is drawn into the TNHF vision and you want to figure out how you can be a part of it. The new site is really just an accurate reflection of TNHF’s mission and journey thus far.  The videos, photos, graphics, stories, statistics, words, and numbers represented come from the faces of those who are being empowered to transform their families and communities in Africa. Our hope was to create a new site that got out of the way and allowed this wonderful story to be told.

Ekko got to work with an Incredible Team

As much as we love the website, the real joy was working with the amazing team of people over at These Numbers Have Faces. They are a passionate, talented, inspired, and downright enjoyable group of people who are using their gifts and talents to make a dent in our world. Thank you, These Numbers Have Faces, for letting Ekko join you on this prodigious mission to bring change to communities and to tell the story to the world.




Posted on November 2, 2013 in Non-Profit, Portland, Redesign, Websites

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