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From “Season of Service” to “CityServe”

The Luis Palau Association is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Portland. More importantly, it is one of the most connected and influential. In 2008, the Luis Palau Association mobilized hundreds of churches to come together with Portland’s civic leaders to tackle some of Portland’s largest social problems. They called this event “Season of Service.” It was so impacting, that a movement began and spread throughout the nation to Houston, San Diego, Sacramento, Little Rock, and Phoenix. One movement, many different churches, thousands of volunteers.

So how does Ekko Designs rebrand an organization as it moves from local to national while maintaining its established identity, credibility, and momentum? How do we communicate such a complex idea that has multiple moving parts? How do we keep the local, personal feel, while also adapting it to fit on a national scale? Check out our process:

Familiar But Better

Serious rebranding work begins at the beginning: your logo. In this case, “Season of Service” was changing their name to “CityServe.” Because the name itself was being changed, we wanted to begin working with any key recognizable elements. So, we started with the three icon leaves, giving them a fresh, modern, minimalist feel.

Simple Icon Rebranding

We took the same simple concept but updated it with a clean, flat design. It’s new, it’s different, it’s fresh, but the existing brand is still being clearly communicated.

New CityServe Rebrand

We wanted text that was clean and simplistic, yet laid out in a way that could be adapted for multiple cities and locations as the movement grows.

Consistent Branding

With the new logo as our foundation and inspiration, we were able to update the rest of the brand elements. For “Season of Service,” they had been using icons with many different styles and conflicting color schemes to represent their various segments of service. The icons lacked consistency and failed to communicate the united effort that connected all these areas into one movement:


As Ekko Designs went through the rebranding process, we wanted to carry through the simple, bold design of the new logo to all areas of service featured on the site: new-icons

This new, unified approach not only creates an easily navigatable experience online, but also lends itself to establishing a feel of overall “togetherness” that the previous logo and service icons lacked.

Website Overhaul

Lastly, and most importantly, we needed to design a new website that made it easier and more likely to connect with churches in the Portland area. With Ekko‘s new design, “CityServe PDX” can truly “encourage, equip, and empower the Body of Christ to love their city.” And we were so proud to be a part of that mission!

Click the image below to visit the new “CityServe PDX” website. Poke around a bit and learn about their amazing adventure to meet the needs of our great city of Portland!


View The Website



Posted on August 30, 2013 in Inspiration, Non-Profit, Websites

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