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We have some really special clients, there’s no doubt about it. And because we are, first and foremost, artists who love designing things, we love to provide for whatever design needs our clients have, from something as simple as a charming Instagram post to a full-blown online presence.

One of things our clients have consistently asked for over the years is video. Nothing quite captures the eye as quickly and effectively as a beautifully crafted “moving picture.” Thankfully, we’ve had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented videographers like our great friends over at Inkless Productions (which you should check out here).

The only “problem” with working side-by-side with these talented artists is that as they grow and expand their own work, they have to focus on their own amazing projects and have less time to share their talents with Ekko…a testimony to their great work!

With the growing demand for video, we decided it was time to step up and play ball, so we opened our own, in-house video department, Ekko Videos. For the last six months, our client list has grown and our portfolio has expanded to the point where Ekko Videos is receiving exclusive requests to create videos for new clients!

So we want to share some of our favorite projects with you, so you can share in the joy and beauty of Ekko Videos.

Northwest Technologies

One of our first projects was for Northwest Technologies, a metal fabrication firm in Estacada, OR. We loved the opportunity to see first hand how they craft pretty much anything out of metal, from start to finish. It was an exceptional experience and we are proud to share the final product.

Micah Challenge USA

As a longtime partner with Ekko Designs, Micah Challenge USA arranged for us to film their monthly update videos. We really enjoy working with the director, Jason Fileta, and getting to hear his passion for justice and the end of extreme poverty. It helps us remember that our work has a deeper meaning when we get to partner with sincere folks and outstanding causes.

Rockwood Cabinetry

When we were approached by Rockwood Cabinetry to do a video for their homepage, we were so excited. We love watching craftsmen in their element and getting to tell the story behind their work. Here’s a clip of their upcoming video:

Trinity Academy

We’ve seen our share of schools, but we’ve never seen anything quite like Trinity Academy. As one of our stand-alone video clients, Trinity Academy brought us in to help show the value of a classical Christian education and the restorative impact it’s having in their community here in Portland. In the process, we’ve been blown away by the caliber of their faculty and students. Here’s a short glimpse of how this story’s being told:

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Posted on February 17, 2014 in Creativity, Non-Profit, Portland, Uncategorized, Video

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