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Ekko’s Latest: Entering the World of Video

We have some really special clients, there’s no doubt about it. And because we are, first and foremost, artists who love designing things, we love to provide for whatever design needs our clients have, from something as simple as a charming Instagram post to a full-blown online presence. One of things our clients have consistently…

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3 Videos That’ll Make You Say “WOW!”

We have a confession to make. We’re kinda nerdy when it comes to art. Honestly, we could spend hours roving through Vimeo’s “Experimental” section, because it has so many stunningly creative videos. So, since it’s #WowWednesday, here’s 3 videos that are sure to WOW you, from visually stunning, to “no way,” to “how’d they do…

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The Story Behind Our Name

Coming up with a name for a business is a careful process. You want it to be something that encompasses what you are, but also has depth, meaning, and some soul to it. You want it to be cutting edge, but it also has to be timeless. At Ekko, our name means a great deal…

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5 Reasons Portland Is The #BestPlaceToWork

There’s a lot of good places to work. There’s a lot of great places to work. But when you design for a living, Portland is the #BestPlaceToWork. Here’s why: 1. Killer Coffee Shops Portland has literally revolutionized the coffee shop. Coffee shops have become more than a place where you get your cup-of-joe while you…

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